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SA Catholic Online was born out of a perceived need for a single resource for a variety of online and web services aimed at Catholics and Catholic Parishes in South Africa.

With the advent of the Year of Faith, Frank Nunan, liturgy co-ordinator for the Kouga Catholic Community in the eastern Cape, undertook research into the use of the internet to provide information and access to reources and materials for Parish development. He found that the information and resources were available, but in a disjointed and scattered manner.

In discussions with Port Elizabeth Diocesan Parish Development Director, Fr Jerry Browne, it also came to his attention that there was a also need for a simple, easy-to-manage website service for parishes.

Frank also noted that some of the primary suppliers of information materials, churchware, and religious items had little or no web presence.

Almost simultaneously, an author friend complained that there was a lack of publishing facilities for South African authors of religious tracts and stories.

Finally, Frank had also been involved an investigation of online, internet-based fundraising ideas for parishes, and found that while a number of resources existed internationally, especially in the US, very little was being done in South Africa in this regard.

Put all together, the need for  a “one-stop-shop” online portal seemed apparent. The idea was mooted to a number of people and generally received a positive reaction, leading to the birth of SA Catholic Online.

Founder Frank Nunan is immediate past chairman of the Kouga Catholic community Parish Council (Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, St Francis Bay/Cape St Francis). He was previously a member of Holy Trinity Parish in Midrand, Gauteng for 29 years and served in a number of capacities in that Parish.

He is also Production Editor of the online e-magazine Africa Wild Experience. He comes from a journalism, marketing and IT background, and was the founder and organiser of the Justtouchit interactive digital media and touchscreen kiosk conferences, held between 2009 and 2011.

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