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SA Catholic Online is a publishing facilitator, assisting authors to self-publish books in South Africa. We provide a publishing platform for these authors, making use of two distinct imprints to do so: 
1. SA Catholic resources Online is engaged in the publication of books of a theological, spiritual and philosophical nature. These books are all of a Catholic or Christian nature and bias, and are primarily written by South African authors or authors based in South Africa.

2. The second imprint, Write-On Publishing, is used for books which are of a secular nature and are aimed at a wider audience than the strictly Catholic one. However, some of our Catholic authors may opt to use this imprint if their books have a potentially wider appeal. 

Featured in this bookstore are books by Catholic authors, who may use either imprint. Clicking on the "More Info" button may take you to our Write-On website.

Currently on offer:

6 Books by 6 South African Priests in One Year!

Collared & Content
- Perspectives @40

by Fr S'milo Mngadi

In his 40th year and after 15 years a priest, Fr S'milo presents us with a book that is part auto-biographical and mostly a look at his thoughts, views and perspectives about his chosen vocation

Write-On Publishing

St Mark's Gospel

by Fr Billy Barnes

Fr W H “Billy” Barnes has written a “blow by blow”, clear and easy-to-follow commentary of the Gospel of St Mark, for use by Bible Study Groups and those who may not be theological scholars, and are wanting a clearer understanding of this scripture

SA Catholic Online.

Christianity in a Cosmopolitan City

by Fr Jean-Marie
Kuzituka Did'ho

In this book, the author looks at how Christianity can and must play a crucial role to resolve problems of tribalism, xenophobia and racism arising in cosmopolitan cities.

SA Catholic Online

Township God

by Fr Patrick Noonan

This book is not Patrick Noonan’s autobiography. It is a travelogue, Michael Palin style, and a diary, John Pilger style. It chronicles major flashpoints, and the spirituality – his experiences of the sacred - of a journey of 40 years living in the townships of the Vaal Triangle.

Write-On Publishing

The First Dominican Friars in Boksburg, Brakpan & Springs

By Fr Joe Falkiner

This book talks about the arrival of the first Catholic priests in the gold mining towns of the East Rand!

SA Catholic Online

Transformation in Black & White

By Fr Linda Zwane

This excellent by Fr Linda Zwane of the Diocese of Witbank is all about his experiences of change and transformation in the Catholic Church in South Africa

SA Catholic Online

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The "One of Us" Collection 
by Michael Mahony

This collection of seven books is one ordinary person’s exploration of the relationship between God and the human race, centred around the revelation of Jesus Christ who became One of Us in order that humanity could, in turn, share in the life within God.

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prayerscovermedPrayers of the Sodality of the Sacred Heart 

A compilation of Prayers most frequently used by members of the Sacred Heart Sodality (Archdiocese of Johannesburg branch). This unique booklet presents the prayers in three languages: English, Sesotho and IsiZulu!

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