Special Publishing Services

New Life for Old Books

We have developed and perfected a process of giving old, out-of-print books a new lease on life.

These books fall into two main categories:

  • Special books for which the copyright has expired and which are therefore in the
  • Public Domain;
    Those whose copyright owners commission new iterations of the original.

The new version can either be:

  • A REPLICA of the original, in which case the old book is reproduced as is, without alteration, and only minor note or explanations added
  • A NEW Edition, in which case the original is re-edited and new material added
  • OR A combination of both the above.

The process involves scanning the text of the original book – this can be done without destroying or harming the original – and converting it to a word processing document. Publishing software is then used to rebuild the book from scratch. The same process is applied to illustrations or pictures – they are scanned and digitally enhanced or improved as necessary.

Private Publishing – Memory Books, Family Stories etc.

Celebrating a Parish Anniversary or a Priest’s Jubilee?
How many amazing Parish images do you have floating around? How many great digital images are there among your parishioners, all of which tell the story of service, dedication and commitment to the Kingdom of the Lord that is your Parish?

Our “Private Publishing” services are the ideal way to keep your Parish’s history alive in a coffee table-quality book, that you, your parishioners and past parishioners will cherish forever.

Or is your Parish Priest celebrating a significant Jubilee?

Honour him with a Jubilee book to treasure!

Let SA Catholic Online do the whole job for you – scanning, data capturing, layout and design

We also help preserve memories, private stories and family histories through the publication of special memory books, books for special occasions, and family stories for private distribution.

Small print-run publishing for private distribution is now within reach of just about anyone who wants to tell a story to a select, private audience. This is made possible by SA Catholic Online’s highly competitive fee structure and the relatively low cost of modern short-run digital printing technology.

At left is the cover of “Father Paul Fahy – Called to be an Apostle” – A Jubilee Commemoration book which sadly also became a Memorial Book.

Fr Paul’s brother Patrick had this to say about the book:

“You did the Fahy Family proud. Paul would have been over the moon with your book. The Book is a treasure, an heirloom, a work of art. A treasure for life and beyond…. This is way beyond our expectations! Thanks!!!”