The Great Collaboration

He follows the list of documents with a comprehensive ‘Case Study’ of every piece of manuscript evidence in the NT which undergirds the historical reliability of the Resurrection of Jesus. This evidence is based upon the 1432 distinct manuscripts which underpin today’s accepted NT Greek text. The book concludes with three chapters which face the controversial topics of the inspiration, authorship, and ‘inerrancy’ of biblical texts head-on.


About the author

Michael Mahony
Michael (“Mike”) Mahony was born in Ireland in 1944 and has lived in South Africa since 1975, having previously worked in Nigeria, Dublin, and London.…
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This collection of seven books is one ordinary person’s exploration of the relationship between God and the human race, centred around the revelation of Jesus Christ who became One of Us in order that humanity could, in turn, share in the life within God.
In this second book, The Great Collaboration, Michael Mahony explores the variety of ancient manuscript types which constitute the Bible, illustrating this topic by a study of 21 specific manuscripts embracing both the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT).