The Act of Sustainable Covenant

At the same time, in  this book he challenges Catholic readers to take a fresh look at the much neglected Concluding Rites of the Eucharist, claiming that the link therein between the Eucharist and the Kerygma is central to achieving the purposes of the New Evangelisation, particularly with regard to the laity’s role in such evangelisation.


About the author

Michael Mahony
Michael (“Mike”) Mahony was born in Ireland in 1944 and has lived in South Africa since 1975, having previously worked in Nigeria, Dublin, and London.…
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This collection of seven books is one ordinary person’s exploration of the relationship between God and the human race, centred around the revelation of Jesus Christ who became One of Us in order that humanity could, in turn, share in the life within God.
With Book Five of this Collection, The Act of Sustainable Covenant, Michael Mahony introduces his Trilogy on the Eucharist. His objectives in this present volume include exposing a wider Christian audience to the Framework and Theology of the Eucharist, and to the role which the Eucharist plays in God’s plan to sustain the Church over time, not least in our present age of “The Runaway Church”.