The Dependent God

In this first book, The Dependent God, Michael Mahony relates in a radical way (the word Dependent is not a metaphor) his understanding of the Incarnation and the Atonement, along with the journeys of two ‘containers’ which God brought about in history so as to prepare the way for God to become One of Us. The first container was the ancient Hebrew people, and the second was the evolution of human language.


About the author

Michael Mahony
Michael (“Mike”) Mahony was born in Ireland in 1944 and has lived in South Africa since 1975, having previously worked in Nigeria, Dublin, and London.…
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This collection of seven books is one ordinary person’s exploration of the relationship between God and the human race, centred around the revelation of Jesus Christ who became One of Us in order that humanity could, in turn, share in the life within God.